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Below are the links to Randy's models. On each page you will find a detailed description of the techniques and products used in their creation. Enjoy!! If you have any Comments or Questions about Randy's models you can e-mail him HERE

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1994 Models
Wally Dallenbach's STP Pontiac Grand Prix
Lake Speed's Quality Care Ford Thunderbird
Jeff Gordon's Dupont Chevrolet Lumina

1995 Models
Ricky Rudd's Tide Ford Thunderbird
Brett Bodine's Lowes Ford Thunderbird
Darrell Waltrip's Western Auto Monte Carlo
Ted Musgrave's Family Channel Ford Thunderbird
Bobby Labonte's Interstate Batteries Monte Carlo
Jimmy Spencer's Smokin' Joes Ford Thunderbird
Ken Schrader's Budweiser Monte Carlo
Hut Stricklin's Quaker State Ford Thunderbird
Lake Speed's Spam Ford Thunderbird
Mark Martin's Valvoline Ford Thunderbird
Dale Earnhardt's GM Goodwrench Chevrolet Monte Carlo
Sterling Marlin's Kodak Films Monte Carlo
Terry Labonte's Kelloggs Monte Carlo
Rusty Wallace's (1996 Season Preview) Miller Ford Thunderbird
Rusty Wallace's Miller Genuine Draft Ford Thunderbird
Dale Earnhardt's Silver Winston Monte Carlo
Ernie Irvan's #88 Texaco/Havoline Comeback Ford
Rusty Wallace's Miller Genuine Draft Thunderbird (2nd edition)
Joe Nemechek's Burger King Monte Carlo
John Andretti's Little Caesars Thunderbird (Scheme 1)
John Andretti's Little Caesars Thunderbird (Scheme 2)
Todd Bodine's Factory Stores Ford Thunderbird
Dale Jarrett's Texaco Havoline Ford Thunderbird
Ricky Craven's Kodiak Monte Carlo
Bill Elliott's McDonalds Ford Thunderbird
Dave Marcis's Olive Garden Monte Carlo
Michael Waltrip's Pennzoil Grand Prix
Jeremy Mayfield's RCA Ford Thunderbird
Bill Elliott's McDonalds Thunderbat T-bird
Mark Martin's Brickyard Valvoline Thunderbird
Mark Martin's BGN Winn-Dixie Thunderbird
Jason Keller's BGN Slim Jim Monte Carlo
Dale Jarrett's BGN Mac Tools Ford Thunderbird

1996 Models
Jeff Burton's Exide Batteries Ford Thunderbird
Geoff Bodine's QVC Ford Thunderbird
Johnny Benson's Pennzoil Pontiac Grand Prix
Ernie Irvan's Suzuka Caltex Ford Thunderbird
Brett Bodine's Gold Special Lowe's Ford Thunderbird
Ted Musgrave's Family Channel Ford Thunderbird
Dale Earnhardt's Olympic Winston Monte Carlo
Rusty Wallace's 25th Anniversary Silver Ford Thunderbird
Terry Labonte's Ironman Silver Monte Carlo
Kyle Petty's "Protest" Black Coor's Light Grand Prix
Bill Elliott's McDonalds Ford Thunderbird
Steve Grissom's "Flintstones" Monte Carlo
John Andretti's K-Mart/Little Ceasers Ford Thunderbird
Bobby Hamilton's Silver Anniversary STP Pontiac Grand Prix

1997 Models
Darrell Waltrip's Chrome Parts America Monte Carlo
Ernie Irvan's 10th Anniversary Texaco Havoline Ford Thunderbird
Rusty Wallace's Miller Lite Ford Thunderbird
Bobby Labonte's Interstate Batteries Pontiac Grand Prix
Bobby Hamilton's STP Pontiac Grand Prix
Kyle Petty's Hotwheels Grand Prix
Dale Earnhardt's Wheaties Monte Carlo
Jeff Gordon's Winston Jurrasic Park Monte Carlo
Terry Labonte's Kellogg's Corn Flakes Monte Carlo
Bill Elliott's Mac Tonight Ford Thunderbird
Dale Jarrett's Quality Care Ford Thunderbird
Dale Earnhardt's GM Goodwrench Plus Monte Carlo
Michael Waltrip's Citgo Ford Thunderbird
Mark Martin's Valvoline Ford Thunderbird
Jeff Gordon's Busch Clash Chroma Monte Carlo
Hut Stricklin's Circuit City Ford Thunderbird
Jeff Gordon's Winston Million Monte Carlo

1998 Models
Rusty Wallace's Miller Lite Ford Taurus
Jeff Burton's Exide Ford Taurus
Ernie Irvan's Skittles Pontiac Grand Prix
Jimmy Spencer's "No Bull" Ford Taurus
Michael Waltrip's Citgo Ford Taurus
Chad Little's John Deere Ford Taurus
Rusty Wallace's "Adventures of Rusty" Taurus
Rusty Wallace's "Elvis" Las Vegas Taurus
Ricky Rudd's Tide Ford Taurus
Dale Earnhardt's Bass Pro Shops Monte Carlo
Jeff Gordon's Chromalusion Monte Carlo
Bill Elliott's McDonalds Ford Taurus
Kenny Irwin's Texaco-Havoline Ford Taurus
Darrell Waltrip's Tim Flock Memorial #300 Monte Carlo
Mark Martin's SynPower Ford Taurus
Mark Martin's Eagle One Ford Taurus
Mark Martin's Valvoline Ford Taurus

1999 Models
Dale Earnhardt Jr's Budweiser Monte Carlo
Kyle Petty's Charity Ride Grand Prix
Rusty Wallace's Harley Davidson Ford Taurus
Kyle Petty's Hotwheels 50th Anniversary Grand Prix

2000 Models
Ricky Rudd's Texaco Havoline Ford Taurus
Rusty Wallace's 2000 Harley Davidson Ford Taurus
Dale Earnhardt Jr's 2000 Budweiser Monte Carlo
Dale Earnhardt Jr's 2000 "Olympic" Budweiser Monte Carlo

2001 Models
Dale Jarrett's UPS Ford Taurus
Dale Earnhardt's Oreo Monte Carlo
Dale Earnhardt Jr's 2001 Budweiser Monte Carlo

Miscellaneous Models
Richard Petty's 1970's #43 Dodge Charger
The General Lee!!! (1969 Dodge Charger)

Coming Soon! (Currently Under Construction)
(Models highlighted in Yellow are close to completion and will be up shortly)

Dale Earnhardt's 2000 Peter Max Monte Carlo


This project is now finished!!! (click on link below to see the finished car and a detailed writeup!) This was a very special project I had been waiting a long time to do! Here is a pic of the car I based it on! I tried to find a decently priced kit to do this which was impossible! So I decided to bid on a 1:24 scale diecast on ebay and I ordered the decals from slixx (I waited for these decals for weeks...they were in reprinting when I ordered and slixx had to wait for them to come from the printer)! I had to repaint the body and I also worked on the chassis and interior.

Click here to view the finished Richard Petty's #43 Dodge Charger

Be sure to visit my Other Models Website. Here you'll learn all about my pre-1996 stockcar models and even some of my other creations including scratchbuilt Sci-fi models(Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica) and maybe later ...aircraft and other military models. I've also included a list of my favorite links to other sites.

Randy's Other Models Site

This is a 1996-97 Thunderbird chassis

Instructions for building it, and more, can be found at the links below!

PLEASE! Read and familiarize yourself with these instructions throughly before attempting ANYTHING!!!!

Construction Products Listing

I've been asked about which products I use when building my models so i've provided a list of what I use Click Here

2000-2001 Monte Carlo body and chassis modifications

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Ford Taurus Building Techniques

Flat Exhaust Pipes
1)Completed assembly
2)Closeup of flat tailpipe
3)Side view of tailpipe
4)Diagram of tailpipe (with dimensions)

Driver side only flat exhaust pipes
1)Completed assembly

Also have a pic of the 2 tabs I put on the nose to hold it down and hide the front air ductwork! (this is for the new taurus only) Click Here

Painting and Assembly of Chassis and Engine

In this section I will discuss the painting and assembly of both the chassis and the engines for the three different types of models that are available!

Painting and Assembly of Chassis and Engine

Tire Scuffing

For an added touch of realism, don't forget to scuff those tires!

Tire Scuffing

Painting and Detailing Clear Parts

In this section I will try to explain the methods I use when painting the details on clear parts ... windshields, passenger side glass, rear quarter windows and back windows ... these can be the difference between a good looking model and ... well I think you can get the idea!

Clear Parts Masking

Clear Parts Painting

Thunderbird Building Techniques

Here are instructions for the addition of Slab Sides, Side Skirts, Front Airdam Extension, and Jack Posts for a Ford Thunderbird model
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After you're done browsing this site you may want to check out BSR Replicas & Finishes. This is where I get most of my Nascar Modeling Supplies. You can browse their on-line catalog for kits, decals, paints, tools, reference pictures, and a whole lot more. check them out for all your modeling needs! And also be sure to check out Southern Motorsports Hobbies another good place to find Nascar modeling supplies. And for those of you who have posted comments pertaining to RC stuff and slot cars on our Discussion Forum here is a link I thought might be useful! NCP Hobbies

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